Q1. How does Indian Country Chicken differ from Broilers?

The Indian Country Chicken is not a Broiler. It is a Kuroiler. Its physical structure is proportionate and majestic unlike in case of Broiler. Its ample meat is evenly distributed over its chest, legs and other regions. The meat of the Indian Country Chicken is far more firm and mature than that of a Broiler and many discerning consumers opine that it has a “gamey “flavour.



Q2. How is the taste, flavor and texture of Indian Country Chicken meat different from that of the Broiler?

Taste, flavour and texture are primarily consequences of natural Chartand organic ripening products. If the ripening of a product is unduly accelerated by any means, it is invariably at the cost of its natural aroma, taste, flavor and texture. Indian Country Chickens are genetically identical to natural chickens and are grown at a gentle and moderate pace. This enables them to acquire their unique flavor and texture with meat being much firmer, which yields an experience of “Bite.” Broilers on the other hand are bred and produced as economical commercial chickens for the mass markets. They have ample meat which is exceedingly soft and lacks both flavor and bite.



Q3. How old are the Indian Country Chickens when they dressed for the market compared to Broilers?

Broilers are normally marketed at an age of around 6 weeks whereas Indian Country Chickens will take anything from 13-15 weeks.



Q4. What does the feed of Indian Country Chicken comprise?

Indian Country Chickens are fed a balanced diet of natural/agricultural/plant based materials like Maize, Soya and Sunflower extracts, Rice derivatives, Greens, Vitamins, Minerals and the like. The feed does not contain antibiotics, growth promoters, chemicals and other artificial boosters.



Q5. How is the health status of Indian Country Chickens ensured?

The health of Indian Country Chickens is safeguarded by maintaining most sanitary environment in and around the poultry houses and through appropriate vaccination as also through prophylactic and curative regimen.



Q6. What is the environment in which Indian Country Chickens are raised?

Indian Country Chickens are raised by Keggfarms in their in-house facilities under caring supervision to ensure their well-being through provision of ample floorspace, feeding and drinking arrangements and comfortable floorlitter. They also have to access fresh air and sunshine and importantly, the opportunity for social interaction between the birds.


Q7. Are the Indian Country Chicken produced on mass scale?

Indian Country  Chickens are not produced on the Industrial scale but raised in limited numbers in line with the demand of the discerning consumers.



Q8. Why is marination recommended for Indian Country Chickens?

In the “good old days” when the chicken was regarded as connoisseur’s meat, these birds were raised on the range and they were generally more than 6-7 months of age before they attained 1 Kg livebody weight and were suitable to be used as meat. Because of their advanced age, the meat of the chickens hardened even though it was exceedingly flavoursome. Marination was thus a common practice that all cooks deployed to soften the meat, and get the best flavor and bite from the old range grownchickens. Indian Country Chickens are not old but even so their cooking quality and eating experience improves with marination. It softens the meat, releases its natural flavour and enables it to absorb the aroma and taste of the additives. Indian Country Chicken is not recommended for “Dinner in a Minute “type of meals.


Q9. In what form are the Indian Country Chickens supplied?

Packed in food grade polythene bag. With or without skin as desired. Ice chilled.



Q10. Are Indian Country Chickens available at retail outlets?

Indian Country Chicken are now available at select stores in Gurgaon and New Delhi. They can also be personally delivered at the residences of our discerning consumers.


Q11. What is the weight of one dressed Indian Country Chicken ?

When it is with skin it will weigh around 1100 gms.and around 800 gms.when it is without skin. Birds are sold per piece and not on weight basis.


Q12. How can one place an order for Indian Country Chickens?

Kindly call 06281069400 between 10:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. The chickens can be delivered to your address either between 7:00 a.m-9:00 a.m. or between 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. each day, depending upon your convenience, except Sundays. For the morning delivery please ensure that order is placed by 6:00 p.m. the previous day and for the evening delivery please place the order by 12:00 p.m.



Q13. How much does an Indian Country Chicken Cost?

Indian Country Chicken is currently priced at INR 300/- per chicken as a special introductory price. Home delivered. Preferably two chickens or more per order.


Q14. Where will find the Store In Hyderabad?

Address: 1 FLOOR, 8-1-297/2/E/1/A, FALCON VALLEY, SHAIKPET, Hyderabad, Telangana 500089